Multimedia Samples

During my partnership with Mizzou's Sustainability Office and their mobile-app based game (REBOOT MIZZOU), my capstone team and I produced weekly multimedia content following contestants. We also designed the main, end of week team challenges for contestants, as is the case here. Teams had to use local foods to create a main dish to be judged. Think, "America's Worst Chefs" crossed with "Chopped". The difference was that these were college students. That is high quality entertainment.

Also part of my capstone project. In this slideshow, participants built watersheds and learned how negative effects of acid rain and chemicals influenced bodies of water

An Evening with Piano Bar Pianist, Anju Chandy

The Tiger Hotel in Columbia, Mo., is home to one of the oldest speakeasy's (now known as the Vault) still functioning in the local area. It's been refurbished and updated to match the re-opening of the main Hotel to patrons after a period of remodeling. At the time, Anju Chandy served as the Wednesday night pianist. In the piece below, she explains what drew her to the position and the enjoyment she gets out of it.